Danube River Cruise: Hungary, Austria, and Germany

Danube River Cruise: Hungary, Austria, and Germany


Square donuts! // Budapest, Hungary

Chimney cake line is three times longer than any line here // Budapest, Hungary

Christmas market // Budapest, Hungary

Looking forward to trying all this decadent-smelling food // Budapest, Hungary


Love seeing these hammocks by the river // Vienna, Austria

A natural history museum in a former palace makes for some interesting views // Vienna, Austria

Love that they fit this little Christmas market next to Hofburg Palace // Vienna, Austria

The stunning Melk Abbey // Melk, Austria

The view of Melk from the Abbey // Austria

Two days before Christmas // Passau, Germany

Our last Christmas market // Passau, Germany

Christmas Eve // Regensburg, Germany

For more Christmas market goodness, check out the full album here.

My favorite Christmas market // Vienna, Austria

Amazing // Melk, Austria


Never seen such intricate, cardboard creations // Passau, Germany

Enjoying the architecture in our last stop // Nuremburg, Germany

Strangely enough, it's Christmas day and we're in Nuremberg looking at the former Nazi rally grounds. It's a strange thing to see in person knowing what happened in places like these. // Nuremburg, Germany