Is Google Lying About You?

Is Google Lying About You?
Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

When someone wants to learn more about you, what do they typically do?

They Google you! 

If you're looking for a new job or opportunity, you want to be sure that Google is giving the right impression of you. You don't want it to show those videos you made in high school of you pantsing your friends. At least not on the first page.

Using this guide, you'll:

  • Analyze the first page of your Google search results

  • Use to promote positive links about yourself

  • Get rid of any negative/unrelated links about you

  • Create new links to help spread positive links about you

If your Google search isn’t what you want (need) it to be, then change it.
— Seth Godin

Why does it matter?

Your brand. It's a reflection of who you are and you need to make sure that it's representing you in the best possible way.


Because you can't attract jobs, projects and opportunities that will excite you if people don't know the best of what you have to offer. So show them and
make it easier for opportunities to come to you.

Start by Googling Yourself

google yourself.jpg

Look through the first page of your results.

What do you see?

Are you happy with what Google is saying about you?

Start Now

If you're not happy with what Google says about you, don't freak out. There's something you can do about it right now. All it takes is some time sharing more info about yourself online. To make things easier, there's a web app you can use to help promote new links and existing positive links about yourself. Plus, it also helps you bury the negative or unrelated links on that first page of your results.

Using, you can easily promote or create high quality links to promote yourself on Google. If you need to create something new, they'll walk you through the process, screen by screen.

It will also help you promote and create medium quality links. Medium quality links show up on your results, but don't rank as high. For example, your LinkedIn profile will typically show up higher than your page. offers many other features, including giving your results a grade to help you understand how much work you need to do. It'll also track how well your new links are doing.

Using you'll start taking your brand in the right direction. And ensure that Google has nothing but great things to say about you ;-)